Degree Requirements

Major Information

The Major in Integrated Health Studies will prepare graduates who are competitive for admission into professional health programs and into graduate programs in the health sciences and for a wide variety of health related careers. In particular, this degree is designed with flexibility to accommodate the prerequisite course requirements for a variety of in-demand health careers, such as medicine, dentistry, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and pharmacy.

Popular Courses

  • AHS 200, Introduction to Integrated Health Sciences (IHS) *required to declare major
  • BIOS 286, The Biology of the Brain
  • ECON 215, Health Economics
  • KIN 251, Human Physiological Anatomy
  • PHIL 116, Medical Ethics
  • PHYS 118, Physics in Modern Medicine
  • PSCH 270, Abnormal Psychology

The complexity of human health, from the level of the gene to society, forms the framework for this program. Students will have to select one of the two Concentration areas: Behavioral Health or Health and Science.

The required course work and course descriptions for the Major in Integrated Health Studies, along with the recommended four-year plans of study for the two Concentrations, can be found in the undergraduate catalog.