Welcome to Integrated Health Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences, Major in Integrated Health Studies (IHS) is a unique collaboration of the research and educational expertise in the health sciences of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) and the College of Applied Health Sciences (AHS). The primary goal of the degree program is to offer a diverse, interdisciplinary curriculum that includes relevant core content spanning the life sciences, natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. The Integrated Health Studies major is jointly supported by the LAS Departments of Biological Sciences and Psychology and is housed in the Department of Biological Sciences.

Students graduating with the Major in Integrated Health Studies in either the Behavioral Health Concentration or Health and Science Concentration will have a broad understanding of how human health and disease are impacted by culture, the environment, society, and personal behavior and an appreciation for health issues that are unique to the urban environment and to the global society.

The major prepares graduates for:

  • entering the job market in a variety of health-related professions with a bachelor’s degree. Professions include: healthcare administrators, clinical trials, sales specialists, health educators, public health, urban policy, pharmaceutical industry, laboratory technicians, patient care advocates, outpatient care and other support occupations and more.
  • admission into professional health programs and graduate programs in the health sciences. IHS has flexibility to accommodate the prerequisite course requirements for a variety of in-demand health careers, such as medicine, physician assistant, dentistry, pharmacy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and more.

The Major in Integrated Health Studies is comprised of courses in Anthropology, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Disability Studies, Economics, Psychology, Philosophy, Kinesiology, Nutrition, Public Health, Sociology, and more.


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